Thread-Lock™ Series

Pedestals Swivels & Seat Mounts Bases Accessories


About the Thread-Lock™

Springfield Marine originally introduced the Thread-Lock™ to be used as a table system. Soon we adapted our post-style grill to use the same attachment as the table.

The success of those two products made way for the redesign of the post and base for use as a seating system. A locking mechanism was added to the seat post to provide a secure and wobble free experience in both fishing models as well as underway models.

Springfield’s most versatile system, Thread-Lock’s™ interchangeable parts allow the seating base to be used with the grill or table*. The perfect base for a fishing deck… simply remove the seating post, install the grill or table, and enjoy.

With the Thread-Lock™ system, attaching the post to the base is as easy as turning on a light bulb.
And the locking collar gives you peace of mind that your post stays on the base… safe and secure.