Spring-Lock™ / Clip-Lock Series

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About the Spring-Lock™ & Clip-Lock

Springfield Marine presents Spring-Lock™… the world’s first push-button activated pedestal. The industry demanded it — we created it. Tired of problems resulting from similar sized plastic bases, the industry needed a new pedestal system that could retrofit with plastic-base units already in use.

With Spring-Lock™ pedestals, we’ve combined a sturdy and secure ride with fast and easy post removal. The locking latch of the Spring-Lock™ extends from the post and secures it in the base. A push of the button and the latch unlocks the post from the base for easy removal.

For an even simpler approach, Springfield presents the Clip-Lock — even better performance and an easier-to-use system. Designed to capture the end of the post, the base provides all the strength needed to hold it in place during punishing, freshwater action. Simply plug the Clip-Lock into the base and go. When you are done, a simple pull on the post removes it up and out of the base.

Spring-Lock™ and Clip-Lock: Safe to use! Easy to remove! Stronger than the rest!