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Satin Finish, Nylon Bushing Satin Finish, Brass Bushing Polished Finish, Nylon Bushing Polished Finish, Brass Bushing Satin Finish, Offset Bushing Satin Finish, 4" x 4" Base Satin/E-Coat Finish, Nylon Bushing Krinkle_Finish_NS_web

7″ x 7″ Stainless Steel Base, Satin Finish

1620001 (6 Pack, Retail)
3620001 (20 Pack, Bulk)


ABYC CLASS B Satin Finish Warranty

Spacer26x140 7″ x 7″ Stainless Steel Base, With Nylon Bushing And
Satin Finish. 3″ Cup Depth. Below The Deck
Mount Requires A 2-1/2″ Hole In Deck.
Use With Standard KingPin™ Posts (sold separately).

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