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Bahama 4000 Turn Up

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Tan Upholstery Black Upholstery

Available With Tan Or Black Upholstery

This Unique Take On The Bahama Design Allows For
Greater Ease Of Access For Passengers Getting To
Their Seats By Having The Seat “Turn Up” To Allow
More Room.

Strong Anodized Aluminum Framework
Anodized Aluminum Mounting Base And Mounts
Pass The Fire Safety Tests Required By
IMO Resolution A.652
Pass The Strength And Impact Tests Of
IMO Resolution MSC 36 (63) HSC


Part Numbers:

Black Vinyl Upholstery:
1 Seats: 1090307-1
2 Seats: 1090307-2
3 Seats: 1090307-3
4 Seats: 1090307-4

Tan Vinyl Upholstery:
1 Seats: 1090308-1
2 Seats: 1090308-2
3 Seats: 1090308-3
4 Seats: 1090308-4