2-7/8″ Slides & Swivels

3101521-LARW Air-Ride SlideGas Assisted SlideExtra Wide Plate

Locking Air-Ride Prestige Slide & Swivel With Extra Wide Mounting Plate

3101521-LARW (10 Pack, Bulk)Spacer-567

ABYC CLASS AD Anodized Warranty

Spacer26x140 2-7/8″ locking Prestige slide & swivel, with easy to reach
handles. Large 8″ x 13″ seat mounting platform. Travels 6-3/8″
forward and backward.

• Rotates 360°
• Adds 1-1/4″ to height of pedestal
• For use with 2-7/8″ air-ride adjustable pedestals

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